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All the informations you need about small aircrafts

Radio-controlled aircraft

The radio-controlled aircraft operate with a radio communication connected between a transmitting remote control and a receiver fixed in the aircraft. These model of aircraft comes in a variety of styles.

Price of a private pilot's license

What is light aviation ?

Many light aircrafts are used commercially for passengers and freight transport, sightseeing, photography, and other similar roles as well as personal use. The many uses of light aircrafts include aerial surveying, such as monitoring pipelines. They are also used for light cargo operations, such as « feeding » cargo hubs, as well as some passenger operations.

Examples of light aircraft

Glider, helicopter, ultralight aviation, airplane used in a flight school, aerobatic devices for tourism, single engine or twin engine…

Remote Control Airplanes

Electric aircraft

Light aviation in numbers

In 2016, France had a fleet of 8815 ultralight aviation, 2440 light aircrafts and 1951 gliders.

Private Pilot License

Depending on the device model, piloting may or may not require specific training and licensing.

Weight of a light aviation

The weight of a light aircraft does not exceed 5700 kg while the weight of a small helicopter must not exceed 2700 kg.

Private Pilot Training

Modern light aircraft

Among the examples of single-engine two-seater, we mention : The Aquila A 210, the Aviat Husky, the Diamond DA20, the Grob G 120A.

There are also some examples of aerobatic aircrafts such as Aviat Pitts, Extra 300 and Sukhoi.

Small plane of tourism

Among the examples of small planes we can name the tourism single-engine, single-engine travel and single-engine piston transport.

The Beechcraft Baron is an example of a twin-engine piston, the Cessna Caravan is a single-engine turbine…

Recreational aviation :

Private pilots, boarding a single-engine light aircraft

Rent a private jet

Recreational aviation categories

Recreational aviation is about simple strolls, participating in amateur rally competitions or aerobatics.


Training : The apprentice pilot

The apprentice pilot must undergo a training under the supervision of a qualified instructor. The training is always done at the pace appropriate for each student and apprentice …


Become a captain

Those who wish to pilot an airplane by becoming commanders must obtain their patent.

The pilot certificate is a document certifying that the holder is qualified to become a pilot-in-command on an airplane.


Get A Private Pilot's License

The private pilot license is granted to candidates over 17 years of age who have about 40 hours of flying time with about 20 hours of dual time and at least 10 hours of supervised solo flight.

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