Some examples of private jets

The private jet Flaris LAR 1

It is time to make a room in your garage to accommodate the private jet LAR 1 of Flaris. Indeed, it is only 27 feet long, which allows it to be housed in small spaces. In this article, we invite you to discover a little more about this new private jet LAR 1 from Flaris. An original private jet model Private jets are often portrayed as large models, but Flaris is revolutionizing the market with its LAR 1 model. With Williams International's FJ33-5A single-engine engine, it will allow you to enjoy cruising speed of 437 miles per hour and a range of 1,990 miles. Inside the aircraft, the pilot can enjoy a Garmin G600 cockpit while the rear of the jet is equipped with four additional passenger seats. At the time of takeoff, this aircraft needs only 820 feet of runway to take off, so it is ideal for small runs. An ultralight jet The Flaris LAR 1 has often been described as a true discovery by all fans of private jets. Indeed, it is a gem of innovation in the sector of ultra-light private jets. The performance of this model is truly exceptional and will certainly seduce customers. This model of compact private jet is sold at a price of 1.5 million dollars or about 1 million euros and only 10 such aircraft will be produced every year. The first flight of the Flaris LAR 1 should be done this fall, but many tests have already been made on this model.

Gulfstream Announces G500 and G600 Business Jet Will Be Available Soon

The convention of European business aviation which is held in Geneva is the rendezvous of the largest manufacturers ... And it is an excellent opportunity to present the new products to come. But during the convention that took place from May 28 to 31, 2018, Gulfstream performed a demonstration of its existing models: the G500 and G600. In this article, we propose to discover more about the Gulfstream models that will soon be on the market. Gulfstream: no new model at the horizon Gulfstream has clearly announced that there will be no new business jet model yet. However, the manufacturer has put forward new updates for its G500 and G600 models. The G500 has just completed its functional and reliability tests which have allowed it to receive FAA certification. Thus, the G500 should be delivered before the end of 2018 and will accommodate 19 passengers while browsing 5,984 miles at 652 mph. And where is the G600 in all this? The G600 business jet is the most consistent model because it is bigger and longer than the G500. The G600 is not yet at the same stage as the G500 because approval for its marketing should take a little longer. However, the manufacturer still hopes to receive approval before the end of the year. The G600 has also achieved a speed record between Georgia and Geneva. Gulfstream makes every effort to market its business jets as quickly as possible and satisfy its customers on hold.

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