The top ten of the biggest planes in the world

Fans of large aircraft will be served this year as we plan the first test of the largest aircraft ever to fly over the planet, the Stratolaunch. The aircraft has two fuselages joined by a huge wing of 117 meters in length. It is 72 meters long, has six reactors and 28 wheels! Designed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, this aircraft is destined to send rockets into the stratosphere.

Which loses his throne?

It will dethrone the Antonov An-225, the largest aircraft currently in service in the world, which ranks first in our top-10 of the ten largest aircraft. The value of its construction is officially $ 300 million, but some believe it would be even more!

How many pilots for this gigantic aircraft?

Surprisingly, a crew of three is enough (pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer) to function normally.

Mastodons weighing tons

  1. Antonov An-225 - 640 tons
This gigantic device is equivalent to the length of a big football field: 84 meters long, 88.4 meters wide and 18.1 meters high, for a total area of ​​905 m². He even carries on his back a space shuttle!
  1. Airbus A380-800 - 560 tons
This huge device can carry from 525 to 853 passengers. Its range of 15,400 kilometers allows it to fly from New York to Hong Kong non-stop, at a speed ranging from 910 km / h to 1,012 km / h.
  1. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy - 450 tons
The C-5 Galaxy is a strategic transport aircraft that can carry missile batteries, tanks or heavy artillery. It is equipped with a 28-wheel landing gear, high wing, and four dual-flow reactors, swept empennage, ventral loading ramp and articulated fuselage front.
  1. Boeing 747-8I - 442 tons
This aircraft is the largest version of the 747, the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States and the longest passenger in the world. His first flight was made on March 20, 2011.
  1. Antonov An-124 - 392 tons
It is the second largest aircraft in the world produced in series. With a length of 69 meters and an equivalent wingspan, its manufacturing unit cost varies from 70 to 100 million US $. Its maximum cruising speed is 850 km / h.
  1. Airbus A340-600X - 380 tons
Made until 2011, this aircraft was the largest of Airbus before the A380. It's an elongated ten-meter version of the A340-300.
  1. Boeing Dreamlifter - 364 tons
This plane is actually a Boeing 747-400 modified for the transport of aircraft parts between the different suppliers of the Boeing Company.
  1. Boeing 777-300ER - 351 tons
This device can fly approximately 34% farther than the classic version of the 777-300. Its turbojet engine is the most powerful aircraft engine in the world.
  1. McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - 286 tons
This tri-jet airliner is an elongated version of the DC-10 with wingtip wings and a more modern cabin. It can reach 945 km / h and cross a distance of 12,670 kilometers.
  1. Airbus A380 MRTT - 233 tons
Multi-role tanker for military operations, it can supply up to 65 tons of refueling fuel and carry up to 300 people.

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